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Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary with National Geographic Experts

Find out what our National Geographic Explorers have to say on Earth Day
March 14, 2020

For more than 130 years, National Geographic has been illuminating the wonder of our world and funding grants to explore and protect it. Every year, National Geographic Expeditions distributes a portion of its proceeds to the non-profit National Geographic Society, which awards more than 575 grants a year to scientists, educators, innovators, and storytellers around the globe who are working to preserve species and ecosystems, protect cultures, and advance understanding of our planet and its inhabitants.

In this time of global uncertainty, we are increasing our efforts to support our National Geographic Explorers around the world as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this April and hope to inspire everyone to do something good for the planet. Because “all of us can make small changes, which then add up to make a massive change!” Lucy Hawkes

Find out more about our National Geographic Explorers who work to understand, protect and preserve our planet and who travel with National Geographic Expeditions to share their knowledge with our travellers.


Lucy Hawkes, Marine Biologist’ research focuses on understanding more about some of the most incredible animal athletes on this planet.


Conservation Biologist, Martina Panisi’s research allows people to understand that every living being’s story is important.


Marine Conservation Scientist, Ameer Abdulla analyses the coral reefs of the red sea.


National Geographic Explorer Ignacio Jimenez is dedicated to preserving large areas of wilderness.

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