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Wandering Europe’s Waterways with Photographer Sisse Brimberg

National Geographic photographer, Sisse Brimberg talks to us about what guests can expect from a river cruise and why she loves travelling by ship.
June 27, 2019

Award-winning National Geographic photographer Sisse Brimberg has produced more than 30 stories for National Geographic magazine over the last four decades. Her work covers a range of subjects, from the Hanseatic League and the Vikings to the global flower trade and the prehistoric cave art of southwestern France. Sisse regularly joins National Geographic River Cruises in partnership with Scenic as an accompanying expert. Here, she reflects on the pleasures of travelling by ship and some of the unique photo opportunities that await travellers on the waterways of Europe.

What do you most enjoy about travelling by ship?

In my opinion, there is no better way to travel than sailing onboard a ship. I’ve always enjoyed this type of travel, where you venture ashore and get to know new places and people. Then you return to your lovely ship—your home base—which is ready to take you on the next adventure. From a practical standpoint, I like to spend my energy on being creative and not on having to move from place to place, with no need to unpack more than once. You can focus on really getting to know the places you explore.

What can our guests expect to learn about photography while travelling with you?

As the onboard photographer, I have a wonderful opportunity to teach my fellow travellers about photography, whatever their level is. I love that I can help guests take better pictures, and through the medium of photography, help them capture the spirit of the places they explore. This gives them the chance to take home a great set of photos from the journey, which they can share with family and friends.

Sisse Brimberg - National Geographic Expeditions

What do you look forward to as the National Geographic photographer on our river cruises?

I’m looking forward to exploring these beautiful and photogenic places with our travellers. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work at many of the destinations where we are going, and I love sharing my experiences and my knowledge of these places with our guests. I will also have the opportunity to give talks on board the ship to open the door to the world of photography for anyone interested. We are going to have fun.

Why is the Danube an inspiring place for photographers?

On three different occasions, I have had the pleasure of being on assignment for National Geographic and producing images for articles about places along the Danube River—many of the same places that we are going to visit on the Danube Christmas Markets Cruise. The geography along the Danube is spectacular. I look forward to returning to some of the medieval cities along the river, as well as the Abbey of Melk.

On a personal note, there is nothing better than strolling through the Christmas markets, taking pictures of people enjoying local food and drinking a beer or a glass of hot red wine on a cold day. A visit to the Christmas markets is a feast for all the senses.

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