Explore the fascinating history of Egypt during a 12-day river cruise along the Nile. Starting your journey in Giza, where you can discover the iconic Great Pyramids – enjoying an unparalleled view from a luxurious hotel. Fly to the city of Luxor where you can experience the local culture before boarding a boutique ship which will cruise down the River Nile. Take in other natural wonders as you visit Aswan and Cairo where you will visit ancient monuments, explore artefacts in museums and enjoy the serene scenery as you sail down one of the world’s most famed rivers.

Trip highlights

Visit the incredible mountain-carved Great Temples of Ramses II on the west of the Nile. The colossal statues of the pharaoh were buried for centuries under sands but rediscovered in 1813.

Witness ancient landmarks from above during an optional hot air balloon flight.

Cruise the River Nile on a luxurious private charter boat, the Sanctuary Sun Boat III which offers a boutique cruise experience.

Itinerary - 12 Days

1 UK > Giza (Cairo)

Your journey begins in Giza. A world-famous city that sits on the west bank of the River Nile. Enjoy a three-night special stay in a stunning hotel where you can soak up the magnificent views of the Great Pyramids from the balcony of your suite in this 5-star setting. Set amongst 16 hectares of gardens, it boasts the perfect mix of ancient heritage and 21st-century comfort and style and allows you to enjoy this magnificent vista before anyone else.

2 Giza

Spend the day exploring the historic city of Giza and enjoy drinks and canapés as the sun sets over the awe-inspiring Pyramids (B,D)

3 Giza

Continue to enjoy the spectacular sight of the Great Pyramids from your hotel room and head out to the Solar Boat Museum where you can view a restored cedar wood barge that dates back to 2500BC. Continue on to another one of Giza’s landmarks, the Great Sphinx – a 20-metre limestone monolith, the world’s largest monolith statue that was built over 4500 years ago. This evening watch the laser light display and entertaining show at the Pyramids. (B,L)

4 Giza > Luxor

Fly to the city of Luxor and relax in the beautiful gardens of your hotel, your special stay for tonight. Head out into the city and discover the antiquities housed in the Luxor Museum followed by a walk through the colourful local markets where you can browse and purchase a range of gifts, souvenirs and local cuisine. (B,L,D)

5 Luxor > Nile Cruise

Optional Balloon Flight - Choose to add an optional hot air balloon flight for a fascinating bird’s-eye view of the ancient sites. Additional cost, please book on tour.

Cross to the West Bank of the Nile and be astounded by the well-preserved, colourful hieroglyphics adorning the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. See the impressive monument to Queen Hatshepsut, then admire the well-preserved temple of Ramses III. Return to Luxor and embark on your luxurious private charter on board the boutique Sanctuary Sun Boat III and settle into your elegantly appointed cabin. Partake in a late afternoon tour of the vast open-air temple complex of Karnak and be awed by the enormity of the pillars as you walk through the impressive Hypostyle Hall.

Raise your glass and toast the start of your Nile cruise with drinks and canapés. (B,L,D)

6 Nile Cruise

On day six of your river cruise, travel to Dendera, home to one of the best-preserved temple complexes in Egypt. The temple Hathor, Goddess of Love is one of the largest and most impressive buildings in this religious complex – marvel at the grand entrance, vibrant colours of the hieroglyphics, and decorated ceilings. Later return to Luxor and visit the impressive Luxor temple. This evening’s entertainment will delight with the colours of the whirling dervishes and the mesmerising moves of a Nubian dancing performance. (B,L,D)

7 Nile Cruise

Sail down the Nile, following the course of the ancient Pharaohs’ as you cruise south where villages and majestic temples line the banks of the river against the backdrop of the desert. In the afternoon, explore the ancient Kom Ombo temple, perched high on the east bank which is dedicated to Sobek, the crocodile god.

A fun night awaits on board with a lively and colourful Galabeyya party with Egyptian delicacies, music and dancing. (B,L,D)

8 Nile Cruise

Continue your journey along the Nile, to reach charming Aswan – home of the Nubian people. Explore the magnificent Osiris temple complex of Philae, then visit the stone quarries to learn about ancient carving techniques and see the enormous unfinished obelisk. In the afternoon, relax onboard and savour your last moments onboard and take a felucca cruise on the Nile. Tonight, join the Captain and crew for a farewell Gala Dinner. (B,L,D)

9 Nile Cruise > Aswan

Aswan is a bustling market centre located in the south of Egypt. Enjoy a luxurious overnight special stay in a hotel that sits on the banks of the Nile - where you can enjoy the picturesque views and watch the world go by.

Visit a traditional Nubian village or take a motorboat to the upper reaches of the Nile or alternatively, discover the vibrant botanical gardens.

Discover the history and famous faces of the hotel before picturing yourself as Agatha Christie, pen in hand, as you enjoy pre-dinner drinks at The Terrace, followed by an elegant dinner at restaurant 1902. (B,L,D)

10 Aswan > Cairo

Fly to Abu Simbel and visit one of Egypt’s most magnificent monuments - the Great Temples of Ramses II. These World Heritage-listed temples were cut into the natural rock and lapped by the Nile in 1244 B.C. These enormous temples were only rediscovered in 1813 and have been reconstructed on higher ground.

Later, fly to bustling Cairo for a two-night stay. (B,L)

11 Cairo

Spend your last day in Cairo, Egypt’s capital that sits on the banks of the Nile. Discover the priceless antiquities in the Egyptian Museum including the artefacts recovered from Tutankhamun’s tomb and the collection of Royal Mummies. In the evening join your Tour Director for a farewell dinner.

Discover Islamic Cairo or explore Old Cairo. Alternatively, visit the ancient site of Saqqara. (B,D)

12 Cairo > UK

Say farewell as you transfer to Cairo airport for your flight home. (B)

Please note itinerary subject to change

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